"Thanks for always being polite and always willing to help. It is not very often that a company has great customer service anymore, usually they just have automated machines talking to you.  Also, tell Istvan Toth to keep up the good work. His horse bows are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen."

-Zachery N.

"The mongol bow I ordered from you has arrived! The guys working on the new siding for the house called and said "A package for you has arrived!" The bow was well packaged and somewhat less money that I HAD IMAGINED.  IT IS A BEAUTIFUL BOW.  Please use this as a real testimonial. I am a satisfied customer!"

-Steve G.

Re: Replacement of broken Bow
"Thanks Kim. That's very impressive. Seeing as how it took 11 months to get my last bow replaced from a different seller, it looks like you guys have my lifelong business."

-Joey G.

"Thank you so much from the heart! The bow is really beautiful - can u believe it got to my house in Florida yesterday?!! 
I got home late and was so tired and by gosh I opened that box, strung up the bow and was outside shooting late!
I LOVE that bow! It is so nice! Thanks so much for the discount too! You are the best!
I will let you know how things progress!
Lots of Love to you!!!"


"I just wanted to let you know that these [arrows] were just delivered and they look really good. Thanks for getting them out fast, and for being awesome as usual!"    

-Aaron C.

"I received the bow this weekend and took it out yesterday. It's fantastic, I love how quickly it shoots and the draw weight is just right. Can't wait to scare my horse with it :)"

-Erika B.

"I am loving the 70# bow. Thought if I had the money too, I'd buy the 50# one too, however at this time I can't afford another bow. It is gorgeous though. I am sure you won't have any problems selling it. I am very pleased with my purchase, well worth every penny. Thank you for your wonderful service, and I will send all my friends looking for a bow to you."

-Jenny B.

"I ordered a Mongol Bow from you a few months ago. I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful bow. I recently entered an archery contest at a Renaissance festival where I got 4th place with the bow and I was the only one shooting with a horse bow. I received many compliments on the bow and gave many people your web address when they expressed interest in getting their own bow. Thank you again and I hope I sent some business your way."

-Bart D.

"I wanted to thank Seven Meadows Archery yet AGAIN for the great bow!
I took my Tatar 45# to my first 3D competition at the Kentucky Traditional Bowhunter Association Traditional fest shoot. I had TONS of people stop me as I walked around asking me questions about your bow. I thought I would pass along some of the compliments I received (they are really YOUR compliments after all.)
I heard several times that my bow was a work of art. and a gorgeous looking and shooting bow. Usually someone would approach with "Is that one of them Horsebows? I've never seen one in the wild!
One other thing I had to mention. I had been at the shoot for maybe 15 minutes, and I saw another horsebow shooter. I recognized one of your bows immediately! The lady who owned it had a 45# Magyar, and she loved it!
I didn't get a chance to take many pictures at the shoot, but I'll definitely send them your way. I hope you'll be shipping some bows to KY soon after I went to the shoot.
Thanks again, "        

-Dustin H.

"I received the bow today and I must say that it is perfect. It is aboslutely gorgeous. And your customer service is supremem. Thank you so much for everything.  I've already started spreading the work of how awesome Seven Meadows Archery and Istvan Toth Bows are.  One of my co-workers is ordering on from you. I'll keep sending them your way.  :)  Thanks again." 

-Eric G.

"It's Alec again, I bought a bow a few years ago and I'm just writing this to say that I'm still loving it!  Thank you so much!"     

-Alec T.

"Rarely since I started putting my ancient Greek reproduction collection together have I been this satisfied with the product, the price, and the service.
Thanks a million!
As soon as I have pics I'll send them to you."    


"My Mom gave me one of your bows for Christmas. Ever since I started using it, I've noticed that my archery skills have improved.  It's much better quality than my old bow and I really think that makes a difference.  And not just the bow, but the arrows, too, have improved my accuracy, speed and pleasure.
Thanks for providing such a great product."      

-Bryonie S. Age 13

"I received the arrows and they look great! Thanks for your help, you went above and beyond the call of duty on this one and I appreciate it!  Regards,"    

-Chuck W

"I just got the bow and I'm just sending a quick e-mail back to say thank you, the bow is beautiful.  You guys are awesome, whoever else works with you I just want to sincerely thank everyone and yourself, you guys are amazing.
Thank you again and have a great day." 

-Brandon F.

"Hi Kim!  I got the bow yesterday and boy is it a beauty! Thanks so much for the fast shipping. What can i say, you're the best!" 

-Robert G.

"I received my Scythian youth bow and arrows today, and I love it!  It's a beautiful bow and is the perfect size and weight for me.  I'm still a novice at archery, but my new bow is easy to use and I can't wait to learn with it. I'm also a rider so mounted archery is in my future! Thanks so much for such wonderful service (the arrows are perfect length!) and quality products. You bet I'll be back for all my archery needs, and I definitely will recommend Seven meadows to everyone I know!  Thanks again."      

-Alexis M