About Us

Seven Meadows Archery: The exclusive US importer of ISTVÁN TÓTH horsebows of Hungary. 

About the Company

Seven Meadows is the joint effort of Kim Fox (American musician and entrepreneur) and Istvan Toth (Hungarian musician and Bowyer) to bring the art of Hungarian handcraft and horse archery to America. Kim and Istvan became acquainted in Hungary through music. They were both members of a Hungarian folk band, Hétrét. After spending several years in Hungary traveling with the band Kim realized she wanted to bring the flavor of Hungarian culture to America. So, naturally she teamed up with her friend Istvan, a handcrafter himself. The company was incorporated in 2002.

About the Name

Seven Meadows is the English translation of the Hungarian word Hétrét, the name of the folk band Kim played with in Hungary. Keep in mind this translation is merely literal. In Hungary this word has many philosophical meanings. Perhaps the best way to describe Hétrét is many layers of the soul or spirit. Now, this as well has many references in Hungarian culture. Hétrét is very popular in Hungarian folk tales as it embodies their culture, the many layers that it is comprised of, and the many layers in the spirit of a Hungarian individual. 

We specialize in traditional archery supplies handcrafted in Hungary and the USA

These handcrafted bows, while using the advantages of modern technology authentically revive the legendary bow of the ancient Hungarians, Mongolians and other nomadic people of the steppes in their characteristic features and appearance. The stiff tips are made of precious wood, the curved arms are of modern materials, the covering is of finely tanned leather with decoration of fine wood or horn.


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